Belleville Christmas Toy Drive

Do you remember the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning as a kid? Scrambling down the stairs as fast as your feet could take you, eyes aglow with the twinkling lights of the tree, running your hands over the shiny paper covering boxes in a variety of sizes, marveling in the mystery of how … Continue reading Belleville Christmas Toy Drive


The Art of Versatility

Versatility is at the heart of every PR professional's skill set. Whether managing a crisis, altering event plans, seizing a newsjacking opportunity, creating content for a variety of platforms, writing a fundraising plan or brainstorming a media pitch, we are equipped to do so many different tasks and it's crucial to be able to move … Continue reading The Art of Versatility

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Learning Outside the Classroom: a Micro-Networking Session

Last Monday, we participated in micro-networking sessions with local industry professionals for our Out of Classroom Experience assignment. Despite being from different sectors these professionals faced a lot of the same challenges, with solutions tailored to their specific areas of expertise, including: the arts, destination development, education, hospitality, and non-profit. It was interesting to see … Continue reading Learning Outside the Classroom: a Micro-Networking Session